Social Media in Business

Continuation of the Social media in business series started last week.

Social Media in Business
Social Media in Business
Social Media in Business
Social Media in Business


Social media content planning: Building a social media marketing plan is essential, contents such as captions on an image is very important because it adds more meaning and create interactions. You can write out call to action words.

In developing your contents; keywords are highly important.

Keywords are phrases employed in narrowing down a database search i.e., keywords are specific and important phrases or words used in business and its specific category also words mostly searched online.

GREAT SOCIAL CONTENT: content reigns supreme when it comes to social media marketing. Make sure what you post offer truly valuable information that your customers will find helpful and interesting. Which will make people come back to your page.

A CONSISTENT BRAND IMAGE: social media enables your business to project your brand image across a variety of different social media platforms. First off, determine what image or how you want people to perceive your brand, whether its friendly, fun or trustworthy. Once you choose, make sure to stay consistent.

TRACKING COMPETITORS: its very paramount to keep an eye on competitors because they can provide valuable data for keyword research. Checkout what your competitors are doing, checkout how they work so you know where to come in and take advantage.

If your competitors are using a certain social media marketing skills and its working for them, then do the same.

MEASURING SUCCESS WITH ANALYTICS: you need to be able to track the progress of what you do online. There are softwares like Google analytics that can be used to track your social media marketing. Using analytics help you measure your best social media marketing strategy. 

Social sites like Instagram all comes with analytics tools so make good use of them to help measure your business growth and your performance index.

Implementing these above named strategies will help increase your brand awareness, sales and brand image.


We have established what social media is now, why do we need them in our business.

GAINING TRAFFIC (customers & potential customers): traffic simply means, the amount of visits a website gets within a specific time fram, we can liken traffic to be customers or potential customers coming into our shops to check out our products. Some may buy, some may not.

Nowadays, you can easily create a website for your business and you allow customers to leave comments about your services. Social media enhances this entire experience and makes it more visible.

INTERACTING WITH CUSTOMERS: the best and most important thing social media can do for a business is to give business owners a way to engage customers in a whole new way.

Social media allows you to get personal with your customers and form a bond of trust with them. You can do this by replying to the concerns of your customers asking for feedbacks on your products and services. This back and forth communication create and sustain bonds between a business and its customers 

You can share photos and videos via social media, keeping customers and potential customers updated about your business.


A good, strong social media strategy will require investment, but as with any advertising campaign, the ROI (return on investment) is what needs to be considered. A good social media strategy should have a positive effect on sales as it will increase the overall exposure of your business.

NOTE: exposure in business is highly important because the more people knows about your business, the more sales you make. Social media promises an increase in sales provided you have a good social media marketing plan.

MARKET RESEARCH: you can use social media to carry out market research because social media is an efficient way of connecting with people. You can conducts polls by asking other followers to drop reviews on your products, or pick two products and ask which your followers there preferred choice.

All these will provide you with great insight into your business growth and it will help in managing your growth.


INEXPENSIVE: the amount you will spend on social media is way lesser than traditional marketing and the reach and influence is longer. With social media, you don’t need to employ professionals unlike traditional marketing.


THE REACH IS GLOBAL: why limit yourselves to just your location while the whole world is waiting. Like its popularly said, the internet is a global village with social media you can and will reach places you wouldn’t normally. So embrace it now.

Concluding part comes out next week.

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