Our Educational Problems

This discourse is based on our educational sector and the ensuing conversation amongst the Council of Elders.

Our Educational Problems
Our Educational Problems
Our Educational Problems

Question: Why do graduates go back to skills? After spending four or five years in school.
You still have to learn skills before you can fend for yourself.Why?and what are the impact on next generations?

Ensuing conversations.

Below are some of the reasons stated.
1.  Because our current academic curriculum. Basically our educational system doesn't cater for students. We are not equipped to work in this changing world.

2. Our problem is that youths are not getting it right and our leaders are leading us wrong. we all create problems we can't not solve.
 Nothing is wrong in our educational system. (Hmm, how true is this.) Problem is, Power over Educational system in Nigeria.

3. Hmm. I think we need to focus on the why. Yes our youths are not doing things, yes our leaders are leading us wrong.. But the core problem is our educational system is not good.
What are we been taught in school.. We have lecturers using a lecture note of over 15 years to teach our generation. Are you saying things haven't changed? Is the world stagnant?

4. The courses are outdated. Apart from being outdated our curriculum in this country is worst, why?  sometimes we waste time on subjects that were supposed to be taught once and we are being taught over and over again. why? Because they think we do  not know it.  These people are spoiling our lives  for us and I seriously mean it.

5. Look at where the jobs are and tell me what school is equipping you to learn them. Most of us here learnt our skills online. Not in school. Ask the programmers here. Marketing guys, designers.. We take courses online just to be equipped. The world has entered into an era of soft skill.

5. Our Government aint ready to invest in our Educational system which is One of our problems in Nigeria. I call it Power over every system. But always have it in mind that leaders Sit in hot seat in Nigeria and our leaders don't what to help.

6.  Do you think the problem is from leadership?. I never thought they are the cause of the problem but our educational structure is what needs revisiting.

Educational System In Nigeria

Education in Nigeria is based on a 6-3-3-4 system , which involves three levels of institutional learning processes:
the primary school level
 the secondary school level
The tertiary level
But the question remains,  are we ready to invest in ourselves? Are we ready to be the change agents? Because, we are in a certificated Country yet the certificate ain't worth jack shit
Ask these graduating students. Most of them don't have up to 35% knowledge in their field of study.

7. Seriously, what I figured out is that,most of the relevant courses aren't taught. Until we come to consensus that our Educational system and structure needs help, we might not have a valid progress. Only from that standpoint can we proffer solutions imagine, an Electrical Engineering student who can't fix a lamp let alone Installing a DSTV.The Educational system is not encouraging.. If care isn't taking next generations will be affected
This isn't encouraging at all..Can't imagine with my B.Agric,still learning Shoe making from O level holder...How do I convince them that Education is the way? 

What are the possible solutions? 

What do you think can be done?The sector is collapsing.

Yes we can't solve it ourselves. It takes one  person to start a change. Yeah, we can't solve it but we can create awareness. Through awareness something can be done.
I believe we can start by creating awareness about our educational problems.
We also can start a survey by asking people these below stated questions.
1: School experience/Story
2: how useful the course studied has been
3: which has been more helpful: the network they built in school or the course itself.
4:  why they've gone back to learn informal/ other courses
5: current view on our educational system
6: Proposed solution. 

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