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A writeup by Ayeni Joshua ( JayHeart, +2348161246593 )

Why must life be just so complicated?????
It so annoying!????
You fall in love with a lady ????and she doesn't even care about you☹
A lady is dying to just see you and talk to you and you're avoiding her. Hmmmmm... It is just so upside down????. You see rich kids unhappy not because they don't have money or food or any other major thing, but they lack some other stuff too; LIKE real friends, precious time with dad or mum or they both. On the other hand, you see poor kids lacking money, food, clothing, good school,  but have enough time to spend with dad and mom, they've got real friends who ain't there just for having fun, but those who will encourage and seek their upgrade. Life! Life! Life is like Word Problem in Mathematics, it's like Summary in English language,  it's like Heat and Waves in Physics, it's like Organic chemistry in Chemistry and just the difficult points in each subject you can think about.
But I have come to realize something, that in all of these difficult topics in each of those afore mentioned subjects,  once you get to know them, you then realize how not hard and how interesting they can be; Such is Life, difficult when you don't understand it and lovely when you do.
But, let me point this out clear, the way to understand Life is to know that you can't understand it????, when you know that, then you have come to understand it. Funny isn't it? Life is a paradox.
I wish I can fall in love ❣with a lady???????? that has always wanted to fall in love with me, go to the best school????,  be as rich???? as I want to be and have all I want. Hmmmmm... good choices and thoughts, but what will Life now be?????????‍♂ It won't be interesting again.
The fact that we can't have all we want and that we lack one or two things, is exactly what makes Life worth the living. It's like going on a quest, the reward you bring back home is the joy in going. That's what Life is, so when you know this, you can then enjoy life even when it seems upside down.
And just as Life does end things when they seem interesting, I am also signing out now. Thanks for reading this long.

Just a thought????.

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